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Ruby Kaur has been working on the frontlines of high-profile immigration cases and fighting for the rights of detainees.

100+ Legal Professionals Join Virtual CLE Conference
Sikh Coalition – September 28, 2021
More than 100 legal professionals and law students joined the conversation on the core civil rights issues facing Sikhs and other minority groups since 9/11 during the Sikh Coalition’s first-ever virtual legal conference–Realizing Justice For All.

ICE officials throw El Paso hunger strikers into solitary confinement after altercation over force-feeding, says attorney
SAALT – February 7, 2019
The nine Sikh asylum seekers on hunger strike in the El Paso Service Processing Center (EPSPC) have been thrown into solitary confinement after refusing to be force-fed standing up, reports their attorney after speaking with a family member.

6 Indian Immigrant Detainees, On Hunger Strike, Force-Fed At US Centre
NDTV – February 01, 2019
Up to 30 detainees, the majority of whom have pending asylum claims, went on a hunger strike after verbal and psychological abuse at the detention centre.

ICE Confirms Force-Feeding Of Detainees On Hunger Strike
NPR – January 31, 2019
Ruby Kaur, a lawyer for two of the detainees in Texas says her clients, like the majority of those taking part in the hunger strike there, are Indian immigrants who entered the U.S. through southern border more than six months ago and turned themselves in to officials.

ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike
ABC News – January 31, 2019
Immigrants have gone on hunger strikes over the past month to protest conditions inside detention facilities, prompting officials to force-feed six of them through plastic nasal tubes at a Texas location, The Associated Press has learned.

Oregon detainees get chance to press for refuge in US on July 17
Hindustan Times – Jul 17, 2018
After having a tough time for weeks in a federal detention facility in Oregon, the 52 Indians, mostly Sikhs, detained for seeking asylum in the United States will have an opportunity to press for refuge when they will be given an opportunity to appear before an asylum officer for credible fear interview starting on July 17

Iraqi detainees from metro Detroit face obstacles in legal representation
Detroit Free Press – Aug 31 2017
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested 114 Iraqi nationals in Detroit on June 11, local attorneys have been scrambling to put cases together. U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith mentioned Kaur’s fruitless trip in a July 24 ruling temporarily halting the deportation of the detainees for 90 days to allow them to obtain proper legal counsel.

Cooley Clinic gains release of detained immigrants
Detroit Legal News – July 23, 2014
Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s Immigrant Rights and Civil Advocacy Clinic has won the release of three detainees, who were being held while their immigration status was determined. In the past month, the clinic won asylum for a refugee from Somalia, gained the release of a Mexican father with four U.S. citizen children, and withheld the removal of a refugee from Iraq.

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